About Us

buyalesson.com is website run by a company called Prior Booking Ltd.

With all the terrible changes that have come along with the Corona Virus, we have put this site together to try and help teachers and musicians to promote, schedule and take payment for online lessons. It has been structured so that after this horrible has passed, you can use it for face-to-face lessons as well.

Created by two musicians who also run a web development business called Devmac Trading Ltd, Priorbooking.com is a technology company which specialises in the provision of online ticket booking services.

Based in the Midlands, Prior Booking Ltd / Devmac Trading Ltd has a small staff of web developers, designers, and customer service people who are ready to help and give advice. The company’s Directors are also musicians and understand the needs of teachers to have a facility to promote and get paid for lessons.

The whole company is passionate about supporting teachers and giving them a lesson promotion and payment system to make it easier to get people learning.

Want to contact us? Drop and email to enquiries@priorbooking.com 

Prior Booking Ltd - Registered in England 08626877