• Who are buyalesson.com?

    We are a trading website of UK registered Ltd Company based in Derby called www.priorbooking.com. The owners of the business have a strong background in both web development and event management. Our other business is www.devmac.co.uk.

  • Who sells the lessons?

    All lessons sold on buyalesson.com are being sold by a tutor who is using the Buyalesson.com website to facilitate the sale. You can view the profile of any tutor on the website.

  • Who do I pay?

    When a payment is made on buyalesson.com, the money for the ticket is being paid directly to the tutor through the secure Stripe Payment Gateway.

    Your credit card statement will show the tutor as the payee.

  • How can I pay for a lesson?

    Payment for lessons is made by either a Debit card or a Credit Card. All major credit cards are accepted with the exception of American Express. The payments are processed safely and securely by Stripe. Stripe is one of the largest payment providers in the World. It was recently valued at $5 billion. It is a payment processor for Apple Pay, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. 

  • Where does the money go?

    When you make a payment on Buyalesson.com, the money is paid to the tutor who listed the event.

    Your credit card statement will show the tutor as the payee.

  • Will I pay a booking fee?

    Any fees for the site and the card processing are paid by the tutor. The lesson purchaser will only pay what is shown as the cost of the lesson and no more.

  • Is my transaction safe?

    All credit card payments are made safely using the Stripe online payment system. buyalesson.com uses a full SSL security system and Stripe is a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider to give you maximum protection. Stripe powers payments for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Apple Pay.

    Buyalesson.com does not store any of your financial information. This is all stored by Stripe to ensure that you sensitive data is stored 100% securely.

    For more information regarding Stripe, please see their website www.stripe.com

  • How do I get my lesson ticket?

    When you register with buyalesson.com, you will need an email address. When you buy your lesson, a ticket will be sent to this email address for you to print out as receipt. Your tutor will receive an email with your contact and booking details and he / she will contact you to arrange the lesson.

  • Can I cancel my lesson?

    Buyalesson.com does not take any responsibility for this process or indeed the decision of whether to offer a refund, it is a purely down to the lesson organiser.

    To request a refund you would need to log into your account and then access the details of the lesson. You will have access to the event orgainser's contact details and you can then contact them to request a refund.


  • What happens if the lesson is cancelled?

    Lesson Cancellation

    In the event that a lesson is cancelled, the tutor will contact you via buyalesson.com to inform you of the cancellation. The tutor will process a refund of your ticket.

  • What happens if I have a dispute?

    If you have a dispute with a lesson organiser and feel that the lesson organiser is acting improperly, you can raise a dispute over the payment with your bank or credit card provider. They will then raise a dispute with Stripe (who are the payment gateway) and they will require that the event organiser provide evidence to show that your dispute cannot be upheld.

    Under most circumstances your bank or credit card company will refund your money to you and then seek to recover these funds from the event organiser who has acted improperly.

  • How can I contact the tutor?

    After purchasing the lesson, you will be sent the ticket along with the email address of the tutor.

  • What does buyalesson.com do with my information?

    Buyalesson.com needs to collect some personal information from you during ticket purchases, such as your name and address and contact details. This data is only used to allow your purchase to be completed and is not passed to any third parties other than our secure payment processor. No credit or debit card details are stored on buyalesson.com and are all handled by our Stripe who are our secure payment processor.


  • Why do I need an account?

    In order to purchase tickets on buyalesson.com, you will need to have an account with us.  This is because tickets and purchases must be tied to your account in order to deliver tickets to you and to allow for you to view any transactions that you have made on buyalesson.com.  Your account will show a history of all tickets purchased and you will be able to download a copy of any of these at any time.

  • How can my learners pay for a lesson?

    Payment for lessons is made by either a Debit card or a Credit Card securely through our payment processor Stripe.

    In order to receive payment you will need to provide some details to Stripe as part of the event setup process, including your personal and bank details. Once you have done this, payments will pass directly from your customers to your Stripe Account. If your Stripe account is set up to allow automatic payments, the money will then pass from your stripe account directly to your bank account.

    You do not need any merchant or credit card processing facility as buyalesson.com will facilitate the collection of money from customers on your behalf.


  • What kind of lessons can I list on buyalesson.com?

    As long as your event does not involve anything illegal you can list it.  

  • Who pays the credit card fees?

    The tutors pays the credit card transaction fees. The Stripe payment processing fees are deducted by Stripe from the money that the tutor receives from lesson sales.  Stripe's fees are very low at just 1.4% + 20p.

  • Do I need my own credit card facility?

    No. Payments are processed securely by the www.buyalesson.com payment processor, who is Stripe. You do not require any merchant or credit card facilities in order to sell tickets through buyalesson.com.

    You will need to provide your details to Stripe as part of the account creation/event setup process on buyalesson.com but once this is in place we will facilitate the sale of your lessons through Stripe directly to your customers.


  • How do I promote my lessons on my website and on Social Media?

    When you publish your event you will have the opportunity to share your event with popular social media sites. To add your lesson to your Facebook timeline, Facebook page that you manage, Twitter etc you can simply copy the url from your Add / Manage Lessons page.

    If you have multiple public lesson types you can use the url to your profile page on buyalesson.com and it shows all your available public lessons below your profile details.

    You can also send the link to your lesson or profile page directly to anyone by email or include it in any social media or blog post.

  • How do I check my lesson sales?

    When you log into your account, you can view lesson sales for all lessons on the Manage Lessons page within My Account.  You can view the number of lessons sold and tickets remaining for each one.  This is always up to date and shows sales in real time.

  • What are the charges?

    When selling tickets there are two fees that you will need to consider.

    1. The buyalesson.com booking fee
    2. The Stripe payment processing fee

    Booking Fee

    The buyalesson.com booking fee is 25p per lesson booked.

    Stripe Payment Processing Fee

    For UK debit and credit cards this is 1.4% of the transaction plus 20p.


    If you sell a lesson for £30, your customer you will receive £29.33 after the website and Stripe payment processing fee has been deducted.


  • When do I get paid?

    When a learner buys a lesson, their money, minus the processing fees, is sent to your Stripe account.

    If your Stripe account is setup for automatic transfers (this is normally the case by default) then your funds will be sent to your bank account 7 days after the payment has been taken. If your Stripe account is not setup for automatic transfers you can transfer the funds manually or set your account to automatic transfers by logging into your account using the details you set up for Stripe on buyalesson.com.


  • Can a tutor cancel a lesson?

    You can cancel a lesson at any time.  If you have sold a ticket for the lesson then you will need to refund the buyer.   

  • Can I refund a lesson?

    You are not obligated to refund any tickets unless you cancel your lesson, but you are able to refund a ticket at any time. If you need to refund a ticket you must perform the refund through buyalesson.com in order to ensure that the ticket is voiced and cannot be used to access your event.  You can only refund each ticket in full, there is no facility through buyalesson.com to perform a partial refund.

  • Who are Stripe?

    We use a company called Stripe to process your payments. Stripe are the biggest company that you have never heard of. They are a secure online payment processor who power payments for the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, AndroidPay and ApplePay amongst many others.

    Stripe's card processing fees are the lowest on the market at just 1.4% + 20p per transaction.
    When you create your first event in buyalesson.com, part of the set up process includes creating a Stripe account. You will need to have your organisation's bank details to hand as well as the name, address and date of birth of someone authorised to set up the Stripe account. You only need to do this once when you set up the first event.
    buyalesson.com does not store any of your financial information. This is all stored by Stripe to ensure that you sensitive data is stored 100% securely.

    For more information about Stripe, please see their website https://stripe.com/about

  • How do I know that a tutor is DBS checked?

    We give the tutor the option to state whether they are DBS checked. We have no way of verifying this, so we always suggest that if you do not already know the tutor you ask for evidence of their DBS status before the lesson takes place.