Photography Tuition (face to face respecting social distancing)
  • Tutor: Phil Harrison
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Lesson Type: Held at Venue

Photography tuition from a very experienced professional photographer whether you are an absolute beginner or more advanced. Phil has extensive experience having photographed over 100 weddings, many hundreds of portrait sessions, schools (including over 500 individual sessions at a local school) , multiple nurseries. The emphasis on all lessons is for you too learn more about photography & to have fun with it.

Before your first session I will ask what you would like to get out of the sessions and also what standard you are at whether "not a clue, how do you turn it on" or more advanced but perhaps needing recaps on certain areas.

My emphasis is to make sure you have fun with your camera & giving you things to try out and photograph! I will only move at your own pace where for a beginner we'll concentrate on the absolute basics!

I try and avoid using jargon & explain things in an understandable way.

Effective lessons are possible at the same time as respecting social distancing.

Areas covered (& not all at the same time!) :
- How to enjoy taking photos! (whether just indoors or in the garden)
- Composition
- Using auto settings! (it's fine to do this for many reasons especially for beginners)
- How to get more photos in focus
- Using other settings (aperture priority, shutter priority , full manual)
- Looking at how ISO , Shutter speed and Aperture all work together.
- Understanding depth of field... ie controlling whether the background is in focus or blurred.
- Using natural light / flash including using flash outdoors in good light!
- Getting the correct exposure ie not too dark and also not blown out!
- Back lit photography ... what to do when there is strong light behind your subject
- Using flash whether it's too dark or even too sunny! (both on camera & off camera)
- Studio photography (lighting set up, how to set the lights to the correct brightness)
- How to get someone to pose naturally
- Landscape photography
- Night photography including photographing the night sky.
- How to edit your photos both basic or more advanced editing.
- RAW v JPEG ..... if you're wondering what the heck this I'll explain!
- Understanding the histogram... a what some may say?! I'll explain!
- Reviewing your photos taken and discussing the good points and what could have been done better.
- An insight in to doing photography professionally and how to establish your self. Insights into wedding photography if you are planning to move into this area.
- & many other areas!

A zoom link will be sent to you to join the session. It's best if possible to use a laptop or desktop computer screen.

Worcester Countryside Centre
Worcester, WR5 2LG

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