How to create a lesson

Stage 1 Create an Account 

Go to and click on sign up / login

Follow the process of creating an account – you will need to be able to access your emails to verify the email account.

 Stage 2 Create your profile

Toward the bottom of the My Account page go to Edit Profile.

Complete your profile.

Screen name - we suggest using your own forename and surname with hyphens.

Tick the lesson types you wish to offer so that you can be found in the tutor directory by anyone looking for a teacher of your subject. 

If you do not have a business name you can leave it blank.

Next go to Edit Image on the My Account page.

Choose your photo and then click Upload New Image. 

Stage 3 Create a lesson

Go to Seller options and then Add / Manage Lessons

The very first time you add a lesson you will need to create or connect to an account with Stripe. Stripe are the credit card payment processors. You only have to do this part once. Stripe will need to have your personal and bank details to process payments from learners in to your bank. Think Paypal, but more more technically sophisticated for web payments and cheaper to use. 

Click Connect to Stripe

If you already have a Stripe account - log in to your account.

If you do not already have a Stripe account, follow the instructions. You will need your bank account details to hand. 

Once you have completed the Stripe set up, go to Add a new lesson

Select lesson type

Select location – it can be assumed at the moment that all lessons will be online, so click Online Lesson or Online Workshop (you can add an address in your profile so that in future you can use the system for home or studio lessons).

Click continue

Write the title for the lesson. A good example of this might be:

Violin lesson for all standards up to grade 8

Write the description of the lesson. This will show on the lesson which may be listed on several dates and times. Try to say a little bit about yourself and what the learner can expect in the lesson. Here is an example:


I am John an experienced and enthusiastic strings teacher based in London. 

This violin lesson is for anyone who played the violin regardless of your playing experience. Depending upon your requirements, the lesson may include:

  • Warm up

  • Posture

  • Bowing technique

  • Repertoire

  • Scales

  • Performance anxiety

If this is your first lesson with me, I will contact you before the lesson to discuss what you want to achieve form our time together.

If this lesson is for an Under 16 year old, please DO NOT use the child's email address or phone number for any communication. During any online lesson with a child under 16 I insist that the parent or guardian is present in the room. I will terminate any lesson where an adult is not around.  The lesson should not be in the child's bedroom and the child should be wearing suitable daytime clothing.

Set the number of places available – typically this will be one for a one-to-one lesson, but you may have more than one student in your group. If you are doing lesson 4 (above) you can set this number as high as you like as it enables multiple people to join the class to observe the demonstration. 

Set duration of the lesson in minutes

Set the price. Typically this will be lower than a one -to-one if you have multiple attendees.

Set the message you want to go the learner when they book and pay you for a lesson. An example will be:

Thank you for booking your lesson with me.

I use Skype for all my lessons and in order for you to take part in the lesson, please make sure you have an understanding of how Skype works. If you have any questions before the lesson please email me.

My Skype email address is - please be online for your lesson 10 minutes before it is due to start. There will not be any refund for late or missed lessons.

You can use the same email address to contact me for any questions before the lesson date.

If this lesson is for an under 16 year old, the learner should not be in the room alone and if a responsible adult is not present, I will terminate the lesson. The child should not have their lesson in their bedroom and should be dressed in appropriate day time clothing.  Please do not use the child's email address or phone number to contact me. 

I look forward to meeting you for your lesson.

Published or Private lesson?

There are 3 types of lesson that you may want to offer through 

Lesson type 1 - a general lesson, normally one-to-one, available for anyone to book. In most cases this will be set to public as it will then be available to the website visitor searching for a teacher / lesson. 

Lesson type 2 - a workshop where multiple people may attend a workshop you are providing. The attendees will be listening rather than actively participating in the lesson.  An example of the description may be:

This is a session in which I will be playing and helping trumpet players to understand the way to approach the Hummel concerto. You will not be playing in this lesson. You will be able join other trumpet players while we explore the history, style and approach needed on this well known work.  The second part of the workshop will be a question and Answer session. You will be able to submit questions as we move through the workshop.

Lesson type 3 - a lesson for a specific learner. This lesson will be set to Private. You may name the session as something like: 

John Smith's weekly piano lesson.

You will set the dates and times which you can send to John and he can book and pay for the lessons.

Stage 4 Set the lesson dates

Select the dates that you want these lessons to be available on. It may be a single date or multiple days.

Click the x at the top right once you have chosen all your dates.

Click Save Changes

Stage 5 set the lesson times

On this screen you will see all the dates on which you have chosen to list your lessons. 

Click on the + ADD TIMES button

Add a time for your lesson. When you have selected the time, click the green + Add button. If you are adding more times in the same day repeat the process until you have a list of times eg. 18.00, 19.00, 20.00.

You now need to apply these times to the days. To do this you can either apply them individually to the days by clicking on the dates or by clicking CHECK ALL. What you are doing is adding the times slots to the dates.

You may want some individual dates to have extra times. You can add this at the next screen.

Click Generate Times

On this screen you can delete a time from a day in the list.

You can also add more times by clicking the + ADD TIMES button. Just sect the time you want to add, click + ADD and then apply the time to the individual dates or all.

That is it, your dates and times are live on the website or ready fro you to send out privately.

Stage 6 send out the dates to your pupils or post availability on social media

Go to Add / Manage Lessons under Seller options 

Here you will see all your lessons listed. Below each lesson Title is the url for that lesson. Click on it and then copy the url which you can send to the learner or share on your Social Media timelines to advertise your lessons and availability.

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