How to share your lessons on Social Media

promotING your lessons

So, you have listed your lessons on and you are ready to tell the your learners and potential learners that they are available to book and buy. 

Public lessons (available for anyone to book and buy from the website)

There are 2 ways that you can share your public lesson information on Facebook / Twitter / email contacts. You can either send a link to your profile page or to the actual lesson page. If you share your profile page, the website url (page link) will take the viewer to a page that shows your profile. Below your information will be a link(s) to all lessons you have listed on If you click on the lessons available, this will take you to the page listing your lessons giving the ability to book and buy. 

In order to find your lesson pages to share the links, follow this process:

Go to Tutors in the main navigation, select your teaching speciality and then click on your profile picture. To share this profile page, just copy the website address from the top of your browser and paste as part of your Facebook post, in your Tweet or in the body of your email.

If you want to share your lessons page, scroll down your profile page, select and click the lesson type you want share and then copy the url from this page and share as above. 

Alternatively, log in to your account, go to Add / Manage Lessons. Your lessons will be listed and you will also see the link to each lesson page. 

Private lessons (not available to the public on the website)

Because your lessons have been listed as private, your profile page will not show the lessons you have available. Therefore in order to find the link to your lessons, you need to log in to your account, select Add / Manage lessons. You will see all your lessons listed by lesson type and each one will show a link. Copy this link and then distribute to your learners using your preferred messaging system. 

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