Private or Public lessons - what is the difference?

There are two types of lessons that you can post on Public and Private. You choose the status of your lesson as part of the lesson creation page. 

A public lesson is one that will be shown to all visitors of the website. These are generally lessons that you want anyone to be able to view, book and pay for even if you do not already know the learner.  These lessons will show both within the search function of the website and also on your profile page. If you share your profile page to a social media account or by email or message, it will list all public lessons you have available on the website.

A private lesson is one that you are going to send to an existing pupil or set of pupils. It will not show on the front of the website or on your profile page. You may create a private lesson for a particular pupil, listing the dates and times for his or her lessons. You send the link to his or her lessons to their email address, from which the pupil, can book and pay you for the lessons. 

You could also create a list of available private lessons and send the link to all your private pupils. They can then select the dates and times they want on a first come first serve basis.

You can create both public and private lessons.

To find the links to your lessons, whether private or public, just go to My Account / Add Manage Lessons and you will see all lessons listed including the url.

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