Safeguarding and DBS checks


Safeguarding should be the most important factor when providing lessons for under age students. is a platform that helps tutors and learners to connect and schedule lessons, we do not provide the tutors, their lessons or take responsibility for what happens during any lessons. It is therefore important that, whether you are a teacher or a parent, you understand what to consider before undertaking a lesson, regardless of how you have found the teacher.

Every local authority has its own guidelines for its teachers on safeguarding. A good guide on what to consider is the Musician's Union published advice which can be found here: . 


We give tutors the option to state whether they are DBS checked. Like any other website directory, there is no way for us to authenticate the information provided by any tutor. We suggest that if you do now know the tutor and he or she has stated that they are DBS checked, ask for evidence before the lesson takes place.

With both of the above, as a parent or guardian, you should ALWAYS be present in the room during any online lesson. You should find that almost all tutors will make that request to you, but even if they do not, we strongly advise you be there anyway.

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