What is buyalesson.com and how do I use it.

Who are we?

We are a small company headed by a couple of musicians (an orchestral bass trombone player and long-time front row cornet player with Fodens Band). We run a web development business called www.devmac.co.uk which has been around for 15 years and also an event ticketing business called www.priorbooking.com

What is it?

www.buyalesson.com is a website where a musician or teacher can list lessons with date a time slots. These date and time slots can be booked by a learner and make payment direct to the teacher.

What isn’t it?

It is not an online teaching platform. This does not replace Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. If a teacher gets a booking through www.buyalesson.com, they provide the lesson on their platform of choice. 

How does it work for a teacher?

A teacher can list multiple lesson types with calendar slots for up to 6 months in advance. The teacher can control how many people can attend the lesson or workshop. For example a teacher may offer a 1 to 1 lesson which only one person can book, or run a workshop on a particular exam piece or orchestral excerpt to which multiple people may wish to buy a ticket to hear. 

Each lesson can be listed on the website or have a private url to send to their students. Having it listed on the website means that their lessons are searchable by the website visitor. This means someone looking for a flute lesson on a Thursday afternoon may find the teacher’s available lesson and book the slot as a first time student. 

A unique lesson or set of lessons for an individual learner can be created, not listed on the website but sent to the learner to confirm booking and make payment.

The teachers sets the rates for the lesson as well as the duration.

When the slot is booked, the learner makes payment by card to the teacher. 

When a slot is booked, the teacher gets an email with notification. The teacher can also log in to their admin and view all bookings and all live listings. 

When the world gets back to normal, face-to-face lessons are catered for as the learner can search for a lesson type by postcode radius from their home. 

How does it work for a learner?

On arrival at the website, the learner can search for a lesson type and filter by time and date of when they are available. All available slots will be shown to them. The time slots will show the lesson details, the technology to be used to provide the lesson and a link to the profile of the teacher. 

They can also search for an individual teacher to see what lessons he or she has available.

The learner can book and pay the teacher for single or multiple lessons. Once any slot has been purchased, it is no longer available in the lesson diary of the teacher on the website. 

The learner will receive an email with the ticket for the lesson as well as the instruction from the tutor.

What does it cost?

There is no subscription cost to use the site. You will have 2 small charges per class that is booked:

Credit card fees

Whenever you get paid by card, there is a card processing fee. Buyalesson.com uses Stripe to process card payments. Stripe is the biggest company you have probably not heard of. They process card payments for lots of household name companies like ApplePay, Facebook and Instagram.

You will need a Stripe account to take payments. The first time you set up a lesson on buyalesson.com, you will set up your Stripe account as part of the process as it is integrated in to the website. 

Stripe will charge you 1.4% + 20p and there are no standing charges. 

Payment normally takes a few working days to get to your bank, but be aware the first one takes a little longer. 

Website booking fees

Keeping the website hosted with 99.8% uptime and fully secure, and administered costs money. With every booking there is a 25p charge to cover the website running costs. 

If you take a booking for a £30 lesson, taking into account your card processing and site fees, you will receive a net payment of £29.13. 

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